Shepherd's Community Church
Friday, January 19, 2018


Have you ever thought about what your child knows?  We're so careful to teach kids to read, to clean up, to mind their manners, and to use their inside voice.  But what about spiritually?  What are you doing to help your child learn the lessons God wants him/her to know?  It can be a daunting task, a but there are a few things we want to do to help you with this school year.

We realize that kids need to be taught how to look things up in the Bible.  It's different than any other book we use.  They need to understand that the Bible is 66 historical documents that all share God's Big Story, and we realize that there is a family tree that helps us understand the history of the Bible.  We also know that time started even before the creation of the world, and the timeline of the Bible hasn't ended yet. 

So this year, we've created a brand new ministry on Wednesdays, designed just for kids to get the basics under their belt before moving on.  While the kids are learning about the the world through academics, it seems fitting to help them get a really good grasp of God's Word too. 

By attending church during the Wednesday night service, your child will be part of a high-energy, very relational discovery experience that will help him/her learn the ins and outs of the Bible.

Here's your part:  Please work really hard to make it to church every weekend.  Each lesson during the next 40 weeks matters in the foundation of spiritual knowledge that the kids need.  We'll be working to memorize 24 Bible verses this year.  That's a lot, but kids are smart and they can do it.  Please help them work on these at home too. 
Spiritual growth is just like any type of growth. To maximize the growth, parents have to live it, practice it, and encourage it at home.  We're here to support you and help you when you get stuck on kid-sized questions.  Sometimes they ask tough ones.  Please feel free to ask our staff for guidance in answering these tough questions.  We want you to be successful at this and we're committed to partnering with you. 
Here is a bit of what to expect:

Homework Assignment:

Please help your child understand the following concepts:

Time - Work together to create a timeline of your child's life.  Include birth, and today.  Help them understand that God existed long before their life, the Bible was written a few thousand years ago, and each person we read about in the Bible lived here on planet Earth too. This concept is really big and really new.  Many kids are just learning to tell time, so comprehending a "long time ago" is something you can really help out with which you can really help.

Family Tree - Who is in your family?  Help your children realize that their family is made up of grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.  Help them understand how we are children of children of children.  We'll be talking about the family tree in the Bible.  We'll start with Adam and, before the year is over, we'll have Jesus on that family tree, and over 100 relatives in the middle.  By helping your child understand families, you'll help them grasp this spiritual concept.
Getting Involved: If you'd like to get involved serving in this area, we are still looking for a few leaders who feel called to invest in our kids.